Linkedin is now a very powerful platform to grow your brand and generate quality leads. Its algorithm has powerful advantages for marketers right now. Over 9 Billion impressions are served on their news feed, but only 3 million updates every week. So many advantages exist on LinkedIn

  • A slower decay compared to other networks. that means posts are shown on feeds for weeks
  • Your content is shown to audiences outside your connections
  • All that is needed are tactics to drive engagement to make your posts go viral

Things You should know about Linkedin

Linkedin Is Not A content promotion Channel

Do not try to promote outside content, e.g Youtube channel. Linkedin favoures content that is natively hosted on its channel than outside content.

Use it As a micro-blog

Put long form content. Not necessarily articles. Linkedin will give a reader 2 sentences before readmore. You have to use those 2 sentences as hook. You really need to interrupt your readers and get them curious enough to want to continue reading.

You can promote your content using external sources

Simple hooks To get readers Attention

1. Ask A question

Questions get people engaged and want to read more and see


Thsi has to be industry specific

3. Stating data


Tactics that drive engagement

1. Relatable Story

2. The Lesson Learnt

3. The Thought Provoker

4. The Open Ended Question

5. The Personal Moment

6. The Ego bait

7. The Hack

8. Controversy

9. The Giveaway