Now that you have secured a meeting, its time to make sure sure you don’t mess things up. The purpose of this kind of meeting is to understand your customers challenges, what they want to achieve and get as much information possible so you can come up with a marketing strategy. An effective strategy is born out of asking the right questions. The right questions will give you information that you will use to build a proposal that will showcase your ability to understand their problem and your ability to solve their problem.

This will increase your chances of closing the deal when time to close comes. The question then is what kind of questions do you have to ask? From years of experience and hundreds of sales calls and sales meetings, we have drilled down to 7 key questions that are very important. You may change them as you see fit as you craft your own template

What motivated You to Meet Us

What Are We Trying To Accomplish Here today

Where Are You Today, Where do you want to Be

What Seems To Be The Problem?

What Does Success Look like

What would have to happen for you to be happy with your results