Email Sequence:How to Set Up Follow Up system

Soap Opera Sequence

Sets The Stage (Day 1)

welcome. each day you’ll be getting…this is why you should read

High Drama-Backstory-Wall (Day 2)

Tell story, and how that story brought you to a wall… and tomorrow you’ll reveal how you broke through that wall! (build bond w/ attractive character)

Epiphany-The one thing (Day 3)

Explain the big epiphany, and how it ties into the ONE thing you created for them…

Hidden Benefits (Day 4)

Here are other hidden benefits you probably didn’t realize that the product has..

Urgency C.T.A (Day 5)

Daily Emails

Episode Style

What Happened Today

Story Based Edu-taining

Controversial email

Epiphany Style



Enlightening/thought provoking

Challenge existing dogma/beliefs

Educational Style


How to



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