6 Pillars of Growth:


The USG-SEO growth loop“USG”  stands for “user generated content”, and SEO of course stands for organic search traffic. This is a growth loop that’s used by companies like LinkedIn, Reddit, [...]

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Sales process: Step by step


Qualification Call Sales Call Craft a Proposal Proposal presentation Draft A contract Legal Review Sign Contract Payement Onboarding Production

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How to Build A sales team


Do Sales Yourself to find KPIs Establish A Sales Process Hire Sales people Teach Them the Sales process

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How To Qualify Inbound Leads


Define The Quality of lead Learn The Channels Email Bookings Social media Site Chat Bot Qualify using email Revenue Budget Get Them on The Phone(Info about their problems) Qualify On [...]

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Cold Email Lead Generation


Identify Target Find A Lead Pool Write The emails Customise Emails Test Your Emails Improve Based On Data Repeat

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Wealth Building Platform

Building wealth requires high income skills. We focus on empowering our audience in three crucial areas. Building business, marketing and investing.